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Browar Żywiec

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Category: Beers / Light / Lager
Alcohol content: 5.6%
Available volume: 0.33l bottle, 0.33l can, 0.5l bottle, 0.5l can, 0.55l can, 0.568l can, 0.66l bottle
Żywiec is the largest Polish beer brand in the premium segment and the best known Polish beer abroad. As one of a few national brands, it sets an example for generations of entrepreneurs. It is associated with the highest quality of the beer, respect for tradition and crystal clear water from the Polish mountains.

Since the very beginning in 1856, the Żywiec beer has been brewed unchangeably at the same spot – the brewery in Żywiec. At present, over 3 million hl of the Żywiec beer leave the brewery every year. The beer carrying the original label with the Dancing Couple containing all key elements of the brewery’s historical signage and the year of the company’s inception, has received several awards and is regarded as an exemplary brand worldwide.

The Żywiec Porter has also been brewed at the brewery since 1881. It is still brewed according to the same historical recipe of the famous Archduke’s brewer, Juliusz Wagner. This is a beer brand for connoisseurs – its excellent flavour and health qualities have been confirmed by numerous distinctions awarded since the 19th century. The beer has even been highly valued by physicians. The Żywiec Porter, one of the oldest Polish beers brewed according to the original recipe, has been known to generations of beer lovers under the same brand name.

Conscious of its tradition and current importance, Grupa Żywiec obeys its core values: quality, respect towards the individual, society and environment. The brewery in Żywiec has been inseparably associated with the Żywiec region since its foundation. As the brewery follows the Policy of its founders, it has always been an initiator and donator of several cultural, sports and social projects.

The year 2007 saw the first anniversary of the Żywiec Brewery Museum established to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Żywiec Brewery. Over 100 thousand guests visited the museum during the year after opening.

The Żywiec Brewery has brewed beer since the mid 19th century and the history of the Żywiec marketing is equally long. Żywiec advertisements can be found in the prewar newspapers and magazines, such as “Ilustrowany Kurier Codzienny” and „Czas”. The archives from those times showcase advertising posters and leaflets of the Żywiec Brewery. Just like today, the products made at the Żywiec Brewery were positioned as the Polish premium brand.

At present, the Żywiec brand conducts a number of promotional activities, such as the sponsorship of summer and winter events. Every summer, the Przystań campaign is launched in seaside resorts and the campaign Na Śniegu is held in winter, in the skiing resorts of southern Poland. For a few weeks, twice a year, everyone can participate in star performances, cabaret shows and lots of sports attractions. The Żywiec brand has also initiated and organized the campaign Miejsce Pochodzenia ma Znaczenie (The Place of Origin Matters), intended to make people aware how important a constant and unchangeable place of origin is for the product quality and value.

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