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Category: Beers / Light / Lager
Alcohol content: 5%
Available volume: 0.33l can, 0.5l can, 0.55l can, 0.33l bottle, 0.5l bottle, 0.65l bottle, 5l barrel
Heineken in its unique green bottle is one of the strongest international beer brands. It is sold on each continent in more than 180 countries worldwide. Heineken is the largest brand in the international premium segment in Poland, highly valued by people fond of highest quality beers. Heineken is a cosmopolitan brand and part of the contemporary urban culture. Wherever something special is going on – Heineken is there. In Poland, Heineken is associated with the largest music festival, Heineken Open'er Festival, which attracts top music performers.

Although Heineken is a contemporary and dynamic brand, it also has a long and fascinating history. The story of the Heineken beer goes back to 1863 when Adrian Heineken purchased the De Hooiberg brewery. This brewery had been known in Amsterdam from the 16th century. Three centuries of tradition combined with very good management led to the company’s dynamic growth. Heineken was a leader in technical progress at that time. He was the first person to handle the problem of stability of bottom fermentation beers and one of the first entrepreneurs to introduce cooling equipment in 1880. The introduction of the yeast culture (referred to as Heineken-A and still used nowadays) by Francois Helion, Louis Pasteur’s student, was another innovation. As Heineken was worried that his envious competitors might go to any lengths to discover the secret of the yeast culture, he decided to take an unusual step in the times when no one had heard about industrial espionage yet. He secretly took the original recipe away from Amsterdam to deposit it hundreds of kilometres away from home, in a Swiss bank. As a genuine visionary, he knew that this recipe ensuring high quality of the beer would become his most valuable asset. Already in the late 19th century, Heineken began to export his beer first to France and then all over Europe and to the Middle East. At present, Heineken is the best known beer worldwide, sold in more than 180 countries! The green Heineken bottle is one of the most recognizable brands worldwide.

1994 marks Heineken’s official launch on the Polish market, first through the export office, Heineken Polska Sp. z o.o. In January 2000, Heineken was included in the commercial offer of Grupa Żywiec. Heineken has been brewed at the brewery in Żywiec since June 2001, according to the same recipe developed by Gerard Adrian Heineken, in compliance with the most stringent brewing standards. The Heineken beer is available in all distribution channels: traditional retail, modern trade and horeca.

Heineken is currently sold in the following packaging: 0,65 l bottle, 0,5 l bottle, 0,33 l bottle and 0,5 l can and since 2007 also in a 5 litre keg, the Heineken DraughtKeg.

In 2007, Heineken launched its innovative packaging, the Heineken DraughtKeg, a 5 litre keg with a unique built-in pressure system which keeps the beer fresh for 30 days after opening. Owing to the pressure system, the beer from the DraughtKeg has the same highest quality as draft beer. The DraughtKeg is very handy and has its own professional tap, so everyone can be the bartender at his or her own party. Wherever the DraughtKeg appears, it becomes the life and soul of the party.

Heineken is a party beer available in the best clubs and restaurants countrywide. Heineken is delivered to horeca outlets in 30 litre kegs.

Heineken has been associated with music for years. The Heineken Open'er Festival sponsored by the Heineken brand is one of the most recognizable music events countrywide. The festival has more and more fans year in, year out, attracted by top music performers, such as Bjork, Beastie Boys, Pink, Kosheen, Fat Boy Slim, Faithless, Snoop Dogg, The White Stripes, Lauryn Hill, Underworld, The Music.

The Heineken brand has been the official sponsor of the UEFA Champions League since 2005.

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