Warka Jasne Pełne

Browar Warka

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Category: Beers / Light / Lager
Alcohol content: 5.6%
Available volume: 0.5l bottle, 0.5l can, 0.55l can, 0.66l bottle, 1.5l PET bottle
Warka is one of the most recognizable brands on the Polish beer market and the second largest mainstream brand sold countrywide. Warka’s strong position in Poland has been confirmed by the title “Superbrand”, also called the “British Marketing Oscar”, and its presence in the first Polish edition of the album dedicated to the Leading Brands on the Polish Market, Superbrands 2005. Warka ranks as high as 24th among the best Polish brands in the ranking of the weekly “Wprost” and the Institute of Polish Brand.

Warka is a beer brand for men – beer lovers who appreciate its traditional bitterness. This genuinely Polish beer is made from the highest quality ingredients, using traditional methods and the best brewing practices. For over 500 years, Warka has satisfied the palates of the most picky beer fans who highly value quality, full taste and fine bitterness obtained thanks to a perfect method of adding hops to wort and the masterly art of beer brewing.

Warka is available in 0.5 l and 0.65 l bottles, cans, fourpacks containing 0.5 l cans and in 30 l kegs.

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