Tatra Mocne

Browar Leżajsk

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Category: Beers / Light / Strong
Alcohol content: 7%
Available volume: 0.5l bottle, 0.5l can, 0.66l bottle
The well-known brand Tatra is highly valued by beer lovers in Poland and gaining in popularity all the time. Both varieties, Tatra Mocne and Tatra Pils, are brewed in renowned Grupa Żywiec breweries. Gold in colour, Mocne is a beer with a deep and prominent flavour and distinctive bitterness. It contains more alcohol and is mainly addressed to mature men with refined taste. Tatra Pils is a classical pilsner beer with a distinctive aroma complemented by an excellent, refreshing flavour. Both Tatra varieties are available in 0.5 l bottles and cans. They are distributed countrywide and available in most beer-selling outlets.

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