Królewskie Porter

Browary Warszawskie Królewskie S.A.

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Category: Beers / Dark
Alcohol content: 9.5%
Available volume: 0.5l bottle, 0.5l can
A full flavour and hoppy aroma are the secrets of the gold-coloured Królewskie beer. It has been brewed for generations in the same area, according to a traditional recipe. Królewskie is a perfect choice for those who appreciate the qualities that really matter in life – openness, respect and friendship.

In 2002, Królewskie was awarded Konsumencki Znak Jakości (The Consumers’ Sign of Quality), given to the best products on the market.

In 2003, Królewskie won the Open Beer Contest held at the 11th Brewers’ Meeting AGRO 2003 in the category full light beer. Królewskie is available in 0.5 l cans and bottles and ontrade in 30 l kegs.

Associated with Warsaw, the Królewskie brand sponsors the football team Legia. Therefore Królewskie refers to Legia in its marketing activities. The campaign "kibicuje Legii" puts emphasis on the fact that Królewskie sponsors the football team "Legia Warszawa", as well as on the association between the Królewskie brand and the fans of the football team. The website of Królewskie beer features plenty of titbits about the football team favoured by the consumers of Królewskie. - Head full of liquors