Żołądkowa Gorzka Czysta de Luxe

Polmos Lublin (Stock Polska)

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Category: Vodka / Pure / Normal
Alcohol content: 40%
Available volume: 100ml bottle, 200ml bottle, 0.5l bottle, 0.7l bottle, 1l bottle
A winner of many prestigious national and international contests, including: International Taste & Quality Institute, Vodka Challenge – Drinks International, The Central Europe Wine & Spirits Challenge, Złoty Kielich Rynków Alkoholowych, laur Hit Handlu and the winner of the nationwide consumer quality test – Test Smakowy Wódek Czystych.

Less than one year after its launch on the market, Czysta de Luxe became rated the third best-selling clear vodka in Poland.

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