Béres Tokaji Cuvée 2005

Béres Vineyards and Winery

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Category: Wines / Sweet / White
Alcohol content: 11.6%
Available volume: 0.375l bottle
This "vintage Cuvée" containing late harvested Furmint and Hárslevelű varieties and even grapes of Bortytis was made by traditional Szamorodni technology. Based on its dry material content and sugar content of over 150g/litre it could even be considered an Aszú 6 puttonyos. In its bouquet the apricot and fig aromas appear as a result of the over ripened grapes that are complemented with the vanilla aroma thanks to the one year long ageing in oak barrels. The lively acids characteristic of the 2004 vintage are in beautiful harmony with the high sugar content. It is a balanced, prominently elegant wine of definite contour. Due to its full-bodied nature it has oily, majestic, slow movement in the glass.

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