Finsbury London Gin Export Strength 60%


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Category: Vodka / Flavoured / Natural / Specjal / Gin
Alcohol content: 60%
Available volume: 0.7l bottle
Finsbury is distilled with juniper berries, exotic fruits, herbs and spices according to an elaborate method from the 18th century.

The recipe is a well-kept secret and unchanged to this day. Finsbury is a particularly fine and mild representative of the flavour "London Dry Gin', preferred both internationally and in Great Britain.

Finsbury Gin has a rich aroma with a fine and elegant bouquet and is ideal for many popular long drinks and cocktails, including the great world classics; Gin and Tonic(Charakteryzuje go cierpki, orzeźwiający i jednocześnie lekko słodkawy smak. Zawiera niewielkie ilości chininy), Singapore Sling and Dry Martini. - Head full of liquors