Absinth 70%

Fruko-Schulz s.r.o.

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Category: Vodka / Flavoured / Natural / Herbal
Alcohol content: 70%
Available volume: 0.5l bottle
Absinth is produced according to the traditional French distillation techniques that descend from the time of Napoleon. Absinth is a herb based spirit with slightly bitter taste. The name derives from the drink's essential component Artemisia Absinthium (known in English as wormwood). Adding mint and anise enhances the flavour and smell. Absinth was originally made in Switzerland and in France but was banned in both countries for nearly ninety years. In the Czech Republic, we have improved the old production technology and while still upholding the strict EU regulations concerning the components of Absinth and the control of thujone (an extract of wormwood), Fruko-Schulz's Absinth allowsthe drinker to taste the full Absinth effect. The maximum EU legal limit of thujone volume is 10 mg per liter. Absinth can be consumed either pure or used in mixed drinks. If you want to prepare Absinth according to the traditional Czech recipe, you need a bottle of Absinth (70%), an Absinth glass, an Absinth spoon, sugar and matches.

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